Honey Process Coffee /125g


Honey Process - Medium Roast Honey coffees generally have a unique flavor, characterized by a different sweetness, many fruit flavors and sweet acidity.


Café San Luis is produced in sustainability with nature, and at an altitude between 1000 or 1200 meters above sea level. It is a differentiated high-altitude coffee, 100% pure, top quality and exported. Café San Luis only offers a medium roast, which is what highlights the greatest qualities of our coffee, causing a great tasting experience.

Honey Process

The way to process this coffee is the same as the washed method, with the only difference that in the honey process the mucigal is NOT removed but rather the coffee is dried with this substance still coating the beans. The process this way does not taste like honey nor is honey used in the process. It gets its name from the touch, as it is covered by mucigal, it feels sticky like honey.

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